Senior Spotlight: Who is Lily Backster?


Marvin Melendez

Lily Backster is 17 years old and has attended Tracy High School for all four years which now makes her a senior. Backster is very involved in school. She plays golf for the girl’s golf team at Tracy High, is a member of leadership, and is also one of the yearbook editors. Lily is a great person, but an even better student. Backster will certainly make it far in this world.

What are your plans after high school and which college will you be attending in the fall?

“I’m definitely attending a four year after high school however, I’m just not quite sure which I will attend. At the moment my top choice is still UC Davis.”

What’s your dream job?

“My dream job is to own a successful and popular company sometime in the future. I’m not too sure what kind of business I’d like to run but as long as it helps people I’ll be happy.”

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

“My favorite hobbies include singing, playing the piano, reading romance novels, roller skating, and baking.”

What are your favorite TV shows and movies?

“My favorite TV show┬áis The Office and my favorite movie is either Twilight or Grease.”

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

“If I could have any superpower it would be teleportation so I’d never be late to anything and I’d also get to visit people who live far away. Another bonus is getting to travel anywhere whenever I want.”

What are you going to miss most about Tracy High?

“I’m probably going to miss all of the fun activities we had such as Friday night football games, dances, and other fun activities where everyone just unites and has a fun time.”