Christian Club Uses Unusual Circumstances to Refocus


Ethan Inman

The pandemic has brought a halt to many high school activities. Clubs are a big part of the after school social life of students, but a lot of these have been halted as well. However, one club is as active as it has ever been.

Christian Club has undergone a lot of changes as well. Formerly a club that met during Tracy High’s lunchtime, it was a place where students gathered to eat their lunch together and have some religious fellowship with one another. The lack of a lunch period in the middle of the day and the lack of ability to socially gather meant that Christian club would have to adjust.

Luckily, that adjustment has brought a fresh new way for members of the club to stay focused on their religion. The club has been using plans on the Bible app to read the same biblical passages with each other daily and participate in a virtual discussion board about what they read. This has allowed them to  participate in their faith together and have meaningful conversations about religious text in a way that they never have before.

Ava Staas, the club member that came up with the idea to use the plans, thinks that they have been beneficial to the club. “I think they help because we get to communicate about them, and we all become bonded over one plan or certain topic,” Ava said.

Sam Crowley, a co-president of the club, thinks the plans have helped increase club participation. “It creates more opportunity to be involved with the club besides our one meeting,” Sam said.

Both girls would like to continue the devotionals even if Tracy High returns to school in person and it is possible to have in person meetings again. “I would want to keep doing the devotionals because I think when life gets busy you forget to spend time with God and this could be a good way to keep me and others on top of it,” Sam said.

Ava also said she would like to continue the devotionals because, “It not only brings me closer to God and helps with mental health but helps us as a club.”

Whether in person or virtual, Christian club remains a valuable resource for Christians at Tracy High looking to join a community with their peers who follow the same religion. Members of the club believe that community is important to strengthening their religion. “Peer support from other Christians is important because it allows you to surround yourself with people who have the same beliefs and morals and help you grow your relationship with God,” Sam said.

“It has exposed me to other Christians my age which helps with things like mental health, stress, and stuff like that just to have other people to lean on that believe in the same thing,” Ava concurred.

Christian club had to change its ways. But one thing never changed: the club will always be there to help Christian students at Tracy High strengthen their religion.