ASB Voting Campaign comes to an end


Kylie Van Os, The ASB President

Diego Granados, Student Reporter

Elections have ended at Tracy High School! The candidates ran for ASB positions such as Board Representative, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice president, and President. This year’s winners are Iliana Cashen, Emerson Leiske, Riley Murray, Zaila Kayhan, and Kyle Van Os. They are the new ASB Officers in charge of representing the entire student body for the 2021-2022 school year. The Vice President carries on the orders of the ASB President, and the board representative keeps in touch with the surrounding community to keep them informed of the school’s events and games thus gives monthly presentations to the School Board itself. The treasurer is in charge of monetary records and keeps track of how much money is being used for hosting events.


Elections were held on the app 5 Star, which is an app used at Tracy High to help cast votes, display upcoming events, complete surveys, and alert students of activities. The new Activities Director, Cameron Chitwood, introduced the app to the school at the beginning of the school year, in hopes of increasing student interaction and activity in a socially distanced atmosphere.

“The more people the better,” said Chitwood, “It’s also used for picking senior superlatives.”

Unfortunately, student interaction regarding voting has not been as high as the Activities Director had hope. “We see in the statistics that only 45% of people who download the app actually vote,” said Chitwood.

Kylie Van Os, The newly elected ASB President explained why she wanted that position to lead the school.

“I wanted to become ASB president because of the opportunity it gives me to stay involved and get other people involved. By Being ASB president I am able to show school spirit and bring together activities throughout the school. I love the opportunity that ASB gives you to see an event go from start to finish and to have a voice across campus,” said Van Os.

Currently, Van Os is also the ASB Treasurer and held position of the class president in Freshman Year.

Van Os shared her experiences of being class president and her hopes for being ASB president.

“Class president was definitely a big role to hold because you have to manage your class and the rest of your class officers. My duties as class president was to help coordinate class fundraisers and put together homecoming for our class. On the other hand ASB president is an even higher position to hold because you have to manage the entire student body and all activities that occur throughout the year. I am looking forward to this position and the possibilities it should have,” said Van Os.

The other newly elected officers have very important roles as well.

With a team of officers, Tracy High hosts events and games under their guidance and leadership. Every ASB officer is essential to overlooking the entire student body and making a school year memorable.

Kylie Van Os, The ASB President