Homecoming King and Queen Results 2021


Marina Soares and Alyssa Woodard

Tracy High kicked off its homecoming festivities with a spectacular night rally on Wednesday, October 6.  As students from all grades sat and enjoyed the different dances and skits performed by other students at the school, the results for Homecoming King and Queen were announced at the end. With the help of Tracy High’s leadership class and Cameron Chitwood, the rally came to life. 

“It was fun because it was the first time for me to put on this during a normal year and I think it’s something the students can look forward to,” Chitwood said.

According to Chitwood, he believed the rally met and surpassed everyone’s expectations and is extremely proud of how well everyone did. 

Within the couple weeks leading up to homecoming, the main part included voting for the court. The senior boys that made the top five for king were; Dwayne Thomas, Pierson McLean, Aiyan Alam, Monem Kabir, and Taj Singh.

The senior girls that made the top five for queen were; Ashleigh Garcia, Arianna Arellano, Bailey Gualco, Kylie Van Os and Zaila Kayhan.

The poll opened on Tuesday, October 7 and closed that afternoon at 3 p.m. The results were announced at the rally revealing the winners to be Dwayne Thomas and Ashleigh Garcia. 

“It feels good to win, you wish you can see all your friends win, but there’s only going to be one queen and one king,” Thomas said. 

Thomas admits that social media had helped him in his victory this year for Homecoming King. He explains that he is glad he was able to win for his class and is thankful to everyone who voted for him. With that, he leaves with the crown and the victory for this year’s Homecoming King. 

 “I love homecoming, it’s my favorite time of the year,” Garcia said, with a smile on her face. “Night rally is arguably the best event of the whole year.”

Garcia said she was ecstatic about her win and feels extremely loved by all her peers and friends at Tracy High.

 “I just love making friends and love making people smile and I think that helped with my result in homecoming,” Garcia said, in response to what helped her win Homecoming Queen.