A Two-Star Leader


Photo Credit: Stu Jossey

Braylin Archer, Sports Reporter

Drew Frederick, a two-star athlete at Tracy High School, currently plays quarterback for the football team and the infield for baseball. While playing two sports isn’t uncommon on the high school level, the level of leadership and intensity he brings to both sports is contagious according to three-year teammate,  senior baseball player Cooper Wilcox.

According to Wilcox, not only is Frederick a leader, its his laid-back, personable personality that can make a different in the dugout.

“He’s the funniest guy I know,” Wilcox explained. “Drew is an extremely humble God-fearing Christian who loves to play football.

Fredrick said he gives all “glory to God” for the ability to play multiple sports as a Bulldog. Senior Isaiah Vasquez, who often attended the same church as Fredrick, said Frederick was always present on Sundays.

“He attended every Sunday,” Vasquez confirmed.

Frederick hasn’t always had a love for football, however. Throughout his childhood, Frederick was more interested in baseball than football.

“I always went to Tracy High School football games, and it was always cool to watch the players,” he said.

His favorite part of Bulldog games would be when the quarterback would throw a deep ball and the wide receiver would catch it for a touchdown. In fact, when Frederick was younger, he always  pictured himself as a wide receiver, not a quarterback. Frederick might have been biased towards wide receivers early in his career because his father played wide receiver for four years with the Bulldogs.

Frederick and his father aren’t the only ones from his family to play football, however. He is a fourth-generation football player at Tracy High School. His uncle currently holds the kicking record at Tracy High.

When asked if he would switch positions if he decided to play in college, he told me that he “will not being going to college to play football but rather focus on his degree and hopefully get a head start into his career.”

The Bulldogs (4-5, 1-3) look to finish the season with a win against crosstown rival West High School (1-7, 0-4). As for Frederick, he said he’ll continue to do whatever it takes to be a good leader on the field for the Bulldogs come Friday night.