Your Future Awaits


College and Career Fair

Marina Soares, Student Life Reporter

The college and career fair kicked off with an outstanding attendance with students at almost every booth. College and career vocational/techs lined the main gym and were just outside the main doors as well. Schools like CSU East Bay, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and many others gathered to teach students all about what they offer. For people not interested in schooling, vocational options like the Tracy Police Department, CA Highway Patrol, and Paul Mitchell Modesto all showed up to show other paths after high school.

Cameron Chitwood, Tracy High’s leadership teacher, explained how glad and excited he was for the wonderful turnout the fair had this year.

Mr. Chitwood said, “I’m excited to bring a lot of these opportunities back especially in person and give you guys’ opportunities to explore colleges and careers and get to see what’s out there.”

The fair consisted mainly of juniors and seniors but was open to all grades. Although, it might’ve been most helpful toward the juniors, lots of other grades found this as an opportunity to seal the deal of what they wanted to do after high school.

Most seniors, and some juniors, know what they want to do, but that doesn’t mean there are a few who need an extra push toward their future. The college and career fair was just the right revelation.

Some students went into the gym knowing exactly what they wanted to do with their life but exited rethinking their choices with a whole path already mapped out in their heads. Some only furthered their exploration of what they wanted to do after high school.

Students were given the chance to sign up for important dates and reminders toward colleges they were interested in, or just any school or career tech they believed fit.

After two hours of walking and talking, the college and career fair ended. To call it a success would undermine its outstanding turnout.