Stepping Into a New Light


Sydney Breckenridge, A&E Editor

As the year comes to an end, our current principal Jason Noll has been blessed with an amazing promotion. So, our Assistant Principal Jon Waggle will be stepping up and becoming our new principal at Tracy High School.

Waggle has worked at Tracy High for 23 years, 19 of those years as a science teacher here and four of those years being assistant principal.

“[I] enjoyed the challenge of serving as an assistant principal,” Waggle said.

He has built connections with students throughout his many years here. The connections have changed from when he was a science teacher to an assistant principal. For example, he went from teaching students about science to now teaching students “life skills like responsibility and accountability”. Waggle feels that he, “works with great people that are dedicated to the success of students” and that’s a great and positive way to speak about co-workers.

Waggle getting this far, becoming principal took determination and motivation from colleagues and family.

“I have always strived to demonstrate good character in my work and to build strong relationships with my co-workers,” Waggle said.

With that said, he is excited to move into the principal’s chair, although, he never planned for this opportunity. He said that when he was a teacher he would have said, “I never want to be an Assistant Principal.”

When he first became an Assistant Principal he said, “I never want to be a principal”, but now that he is up for this new position he said, “I can’t wait to get started.”

Waggle’s plans for the upcoming year are still in progress. Although he comes from a teaching background, he wants to work closely with staff and students in and out of the classroom. For example, he would want to get as many students as possible, from as many diverse backgrounds as possible to get involved in student events. So, everyone can gather as a community and not just a school.

The only definite plan for the upcoming school year is the new late bell schedule that will affect busing, sports, clubs, etc.

“It is too soon to tell how we will adjust in all cases, but [I am] confident in the ability to work together to accommodate our needs,” Waggle explains.

There will be two new assistant principals along with a new Administration Team.

“It is a humbling experience to be placed in a position of authority, but I cannot think of a better place or better people to do this with,” Waggle concluded.