Starting with the Sun


Marina Soares, Editor-in-Chief

This school year kicks off with a sunrise to celebrate the Senior class’ last year of High School. A bittersweet moment for the young adults as they realize this is their final year at Tracy High.

Leadership provided the Seniors with donuts while the coffee and drinks were provided by The Brew Life on the football field. The kids arriving at 6 a.m. were extremely grateful for the caffeine to give them a kick in order to pleasantly view the sunrise on the football field, while being surrounded by the friends they made either in High School or before.

Lots of students decided to take pictures or videos with others, while the rest spend time to sit and watch the sunrise on blankets.

“I get to be with my friends really early in the morning, take lots of pictures with them and have the sun in my face,” says Navneet Purewal, a Senior at Tracy High.

Realizing this is their last year of high school, the teens are frightened and overwhelmed, but ultimately excited. Purewal states she is “filled with mixed emotions.”

Sadness, happiness, anxiety and many more fill the students brain this year, but “watching the sunrise with (their) friends,” is just what students like Avneet Sidhu needed to kickstart the school year.

Sidhu in her Senior year, although she says she’s still “a Kindergartener at heart,” feels as if it’s all unreal.

With only an hour and forty-five minutes to watch the sunrise, sip coffee, and eat donuts, the students all collectively had a blast.

As 7:45 a.m. creeps up on them, everyone shuffled off of the football field to either go home and sleep, get more caffeine, or just continue to chill with friends.

With that, Senior Sunrise was over and a success. It’s given kids hope that their year will be jam-packed with the fun festivities they’ve been waiting four years for.