New Year, New Schedule


Shane Gines, Sports Editor

As the 2022 school year kicks off, new changes arise.  

Rumors of a new bell schedule floated around for years, but now it’s set in motion. 

As of Fall in 2022, Tracy High School begins at 8:33 a.m. and goes on up until 3:47 p.m. In contrast to last year, where we started at 7:52 a.m. and ended at 3:06 p.m., students now get more time in the morning. Although, this means they get out 40 minutes later than normal. 

The early release day has also changed from being on Monday to now being on Wednesday. 

Obviously, the schedule has its pros and cons, but for some people, certain aspects pop out more than others. 

“To be honest I’m not really a fan of [the schedule] because we get out late in the middle of the day,” Armando Gonzales, a senior, says. 

He continues saying “it’s not good for people who work because they miss hours due to school, and it gives us less time to hang out with our friends.” 

With the recent changes, students are enjoying the new minimum day on Wednesdays.  

“We get a break in between the week,” Marcus Melendez, a sophomore, states. 

The regular and early release day schedule.

This new schedule doesn’t only affect the students at Tracy High, but the teachers that work there as well. 

Brittany Baron, a Tracy High English teacher, would “prefer last year’s schedule,” but “[understands] the thinking behind a later start for high school students.” She would prefer to revert back to getting out earlier but appreciates the extra self-care in the morning needed by the students and herself. 

So far, the students at Tracy High have made the most out of their new routine, and will continue on enjoying the school year. Change is difficult, but it’s not so complicated when you’re surrounded by a community that has your back.