A Bulldog Homecoming


Jordan Rezab, Reporter

On Friday, Oct. 7, Tracy High Homecoming kicked off with a lively parade starting at 3:45 p.m.

The Parade

Students strolled downtown and were joined by families, friends and local Tracy residents to capture the Bulldog spirit. The parade included floats for each class that the students crafted themselves, decorated with a specialized theme.

The freshman class (2026) had Star Wars, the sophomore class (2025) had Marvel, the junior class (2024) had Pixar and the senior class (2023) had Disney.


“I think the themes for each grade this year were very clever and I’m glad we seniors had a fun theme,” Joe Griffith, a senior at Tracy High, said.

The parade spotlighted Tracy High’s club sweethearts and the Homecoming Royal Court, followed by local Youth Football and Cheer teams. Tracy High’s own football, dance and cheer teams made an appearance in the parade line-up as well.

Being apart of the parade was “super fun,” Taylor Gardner, a Tracy High senior and runner up for Homecoming Queen, described.

“My little sister and all of her friends made big posters for me and held them up during the parade as I drove past them,” Gardner mentioned with a smile.

Gardner cherished her experience on the royal court by adding, “I just appreciate that I was able to experience something that only a limited amount of people get to do.”

The Game

The homecoming game commenced in the Wayne Schneider Stadium at 7 p.m. At half time, performances by the dance and cheer teams were enjoyed by the audience. They were followed by the freshman class presenting their winning Star Wars skit.

“It was pretty fun and different from last years and I’m glad I got to experience it,” Griffith explained. He watched the game from the Dog-Pound surrounded by a group of spirited peers.

Gardner, who also observed from Dog-Pound, remarked, “The atmosphere at the game was very engaging and supportive. Being in the Dog-Pound brings the community together.”

Winners of Homecoming activities throughout the week were announced at the game and the senior class was declared the winner of the Bulldog Class Spirit Award.

The Dance

As the game came to a late end, students made their way to the cafeteria to keep the fun alive during the homecoming dance.

They were able to proceed inside using the 5 Star app, making it quicker access in comparison to previous years. Leadership, having organized many of the other homecoming festivities, put together this dance to bring an exciting end to the celebrations.

“Leadership worked super hard to make the dance and homecoming in general be the best possible,” Avneet Sidhu, the 5 Star Commissioner of Leadership and a senior at Tracy High, said

Sidhu took pride in the work that her and the rest of leadership staff did to create the experience that so many got to enjoy during this previous week. Lights and music were only part of what went into making this dance a special experience.

(Pic creds to Stu Jossey)

“We had many ideas and to see them turn out so wonderfully made us all so happy and proud,” Sidhu exclaimed.

Although there seemed to be less in attendance than the first dance of this school year, students made the most of their night and danced until the festivities came to a delightful end.

Tracy High’s Homecoming of 2022 was a success and students were uplifted with pride in being a Bulldog.