Coach Pribble and the Bulldogs


Shane Simpson, Assistant Sports Editor

Tracy High School’s Varsity football team owe their wins to the dedicated Head Coach, Jeff Pribble.

This is Pribble’s second year with the title, and he’s proven himself quite greatly. He continues to lead the Bulldogs through various victories. Currently, the team has achieved a score of 6-1, including a season opening win against our cross town rivals, the Kimball Jaguars.

Pribble is happy with the team, they have brought in the “Big Team Little Me” motto, as he likes to call it.

The team camaraderie has brought a feeling of friendship between the coach and his players. Pribble believes he “has 48 friends going out there and playing football, creating memories.”

The Head Coach loves the intelligence brought from the team despite the side of the ball they are on. “The reads and formations that the team runs are exceptionally good as well,” Pribble explains.

The improvement from the players last year to the following is just what the Coach loves to see. Even the new Juniors are showing great promise.

Pribble started his coaching career right when he was out of high school and during his college career. He went to college at Chico and volunteered his time coaching at Pleasant Valley middle school and high school. This kept him motivated to keep coaching as a 19-year-old kid who built relationships with a talented group of players. 

The Tracy High Bulldogs faced off against the Pacheco Panthers on Sept. 9th. Pribble had confidence in his team to come out with the victory and that’s exactly what they did.

His primary goal this season was to take it one game at a time, but ultimately achieving a playoff berth after missing out in recent years. The team needs to get back into the playoffs and win the necessary league games to ensure that they have a bid. 

Pribble’s coaching philosophy is simple: building team chemistry and teaching the athletes about the game. The coach wants to build a fun environment and create a good atmosphere on Friday nights. Throughout Coach Pribble’s coaching career, he believes that this group is different by wanting to be around each other in practices, workouts, and weight room sessions.