Bulldogs Can Fight Fires Too!

Marina Soares, Editor-in-Chief

Fire Service respectfully burning torn flags

Tracy High School offers a broad selection of courses that any student can take; Fire service is one of those. Ran by Sarah Silvinson, students looking for a future as first responders can take this class and train to do so.

The class is two hours long and is available to the upperclassmen.

Students in the class learn all kinds of skills; from jumping out of windows to making coffee. That’s not all they do. They are taught ways to help victims in case of a fire or unconsciousness.

“It teaches us a lot about discipline and responsibility,” Jonathan Lau, a senior in fire service, explains.

Teamwork is the class’ longest ongoing lesson. Having to work together is vital for the trainees and for emergency responders all around the world. “As a firefighter, you can’t do one thing alone; you have to do it together,” Lau says.

Being a part of fire service gives kids the confidence to tackle anything, including fires. Recently, they received their CPR certification and are now knowledgeable and eligible to assess a dangerous situation involving someone who may be unconscious.

“I’ll be able to help people if I ever need to,” Dominic Baturoni, a junior in the class, says. He feels more prepared to aid in any situation needed due to his practice with CPR.

The fire service class teaches the kids to “be ready in case any situation were to happen,” Lau states.

A class can’t be successful without the teacher leading them through their battles.

Sarah Silvinson, the fire service teacher, has multiple credentials; one in emergency response and another in teaching special education classes. Her passion is teaching but has served three different times as a firefighter.

“The same thing that makes me want to be a teacher is the same thing that makes me want to be a firefighter – serving the community,” Silvinson states. “Being a firefighter means being a family that you work with.”

Silvinson shows her love for her students through discipline and respect earned and given back every day. She is thankful for the support given by our previous and present principal, Jon Waggle.


“Fire service really helps have a spark in a student’s life,” Silvinson explains.

Creating a spark in someone’s life is the reason most teachers go into their profession in the first place. Silvinson will sit proudly as she watches her students go off into the real world and conquer many challenges that they will face. Being prepared and confident for anything that comes their way due to their time in Tracy High’s Fire Service class.