A New Chapter for Henderson


Marina Soares, Editor in Chief

Gary Henderson, current assistant principal at Tracy High School, was recently named the new principal at West High School.

Henderson has spent the last 27 years of his career at Tracy High School, both in teaching and administrative roles.

While many say they’re sad to see Henderson leave, most of his closest friends are excited to see his continued success as well.

For 23 of Henderson’s years at Tracy High School, he was a teacher.

“This place really raised me,” Henderson said.

He was a 23-year-old man when he walked into Tracy High, and now Henderson leaves with two of his own children who graduated from Tracy High School.

Henderson said leaving will be a bittersweet goodbye. He is preparing for the emotions that come along with leaving a place he’s spent the majority of his life.

Although he is nervous about the challenges he will face as a new principal, he said he has a lot of support coming his way.

One of Henderson’s biggest supporters is Jay Fishburn, a long-time teacher at Tracy High School. Just like Henderson, Fishburn has been teaching at THS for 27 years.

“I hate to see him go,” Fishburn explained. “But it’s a great gain for West High. He brought a camaraderie, a positive attitude, and the importance of caring about the kids. It’s a great opportunity to take the camaraderie we have here at Tracy High to West High.”

Fishburn said they aren’t the young guys on campus any longer.

“It’s the circle of life,” Fishburn smiled. “You get older, and you move on.”

Another supporter of Henderson is Tracy High Principal, Jon Waggle. He has been at THS for 24 years and is excited about the new change, although he is still sad to see his friend and colleague leaving.

“He’s up to the task,” Waggle said. He has confidence in his friend’s transition to West High.

“He has a very student approach. He will point the school in the right direction.”

As Henderson moves on to a new chapter of his life, his colleagues and friends can’t wait to see him succeed.