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The student news site of Tracy High School

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The student news site of Tracy High School

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Tangled up at Winter Formal


Alanna Dye & Ariahna Crispin, Reporters

As the light in the sky was slowly fading and the clock struck eight, the Tracy High Winter Formal of 2023 began. The theme this year being based on the Disney movie, “Tangled”.

By 8:45 p.m., the dance floor was crowded with students and guests. As everyone entered there were three photo ops, the 360 photo booth, a backdrop photo booth and a glowing flower archway.

Staff members walked around passing out cupcakes, water bottles, and popcorn for the students to enjoy. The Tracy High popcorn machine provided fresh popcorn with a station for easy access and refills.

“I love how they had cupcakes and popcorn, very delicious, and the design for the archway is so pretty,” Maya Germes, a freshman at Tracy High, stated.

With the many options of table available the room was illuminated by purple lights and strobe lights every now and then.

The music was remarkably similar to the songs played at Homecoming, resulting in some people trying to make song requests but unfortunately being denied.

“Homecoming was a little bit better, but this one was still fun,” Germes laughed.

As soon as “Love” by Keyshia Cole started playing, everyone in the room began singing out of their heart and soul, as loud as they could.

As the music faded and the time reached 11 p.m., the dance was announced to be over. While some kids ran to take their last photos, others were streaming out the doors.

A couple of students stayed behind and ate the last of the cupcakes. Two students walked out with a tray full of purple and blue frosted cupcakes, giggling at one another. The clicks of all the heels disappeared into the abyss of the night, laughing still being heard even from the empty cafeteria, giving the staff and ASB a soft smile as they cleaned the room.

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About the Contributor
Alanna Dye
Alanna Dye, Reporter
Alanna Dye was born on December 20, 2008. She is 14 years old while starting as a freshman at Tracy High School. She recently moved here in June of 2023 from Victorville, CA. Dye is a honest and trustworthy student, overcoming any obstacle in her life. She is a hard worker but has a bad habit of procrastinating. Dye comes from a family of 11 kids, with four being half-blood and the rest being step siblings. She has a lot of responsibilities including schoolwork, chores, homework and making sure her family is stable. Being the oldest sibling only puts more on her shoulders. All of this made her into a major overthinker, questioning everything and barely trusting anyone. Regardless, Dye is a very creative person. She loves drawing, writing, reading, playing the guitar and singing. Dye continues to learn how to play the guitar and to sing in hopes of becoming a musician. Her biggest inspirations in life are her two favorite music artists, Tokio Hotel and Billie Eilish. Her singing is self-taught, starting in 2018 with Billie Eilish’s songs "Ocean Eyes" and "Idontwannabeyouanymore". She started learning guitar in eighth grade, causing her to not know many songs or chords yet. Her love for Tokio Hotel is excessive, but her reason is understandable. She found Tokio Hotel at a very low point in her life. Their music encouraged her to keep going and never give up, no matter what. Dye is a Chemehuevi tribal member, one of the only native tribes in California. She partially owns the Colorado river through Arizona, more commonly known as Lake Havasu, a common spring break destination. If you know her, you know she isn’t available after school. She tends to take a nap with any free time she has, but it often messes with her sleeping schedule.

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