Reese finalist for state science teacher honor


Mr. Reese working with his fourth period students

Sydney Burns, Staff Reporter

Tracy High science teacher Dean Reese has been recognized for his outstanding teaching, being named a state finalist in science for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

Former Tracy High science teacher and current director of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for the San Jouqin County Office of Education J. Kirk Brown recommended Reese for this award.

Tracy High was such a memorable school to me, and teaching with Mr. Reese was even more memorable”

— J. Kirk Brown

“Reese has been an acclaimed teacher since he first joined our staff 12 years ago,” Principal Jason Noll said. “It is a great accomplishment for him and an accomplishment for the students that are being taught by him.”

“It was such a surprise when Brown recommended me for this, and even more of an honor since I have worked with him before when he was teacher here. It really does give me the motivation to continue doing what I love most,” Reese said.

Finalists will be informed later in the year who won. Two awards will be given, one for math and one for science.

The competition for the award is only given to teachers in grades seven through 12. Finalists, like Reese, submitted applications to the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Reese feels there is a reason to celebrate even if he doesn’t win the award.

“Even if the award is given to someone else, I have already felt recognized,” Reese said. “My teaching has made an impact on students at the school.”

Reese is not the only one excited.

Science teacher Ken Wedel, is a friend of Reese’s since Reese joined the faculty, was not surprised that Reese was recommended for the award.

“Reese has been a great influence since he joined the faculty, and I believe completely that he deserves it,” Wedel said.

Teachers aren’t the only ones that know about the award. Students have felt admiration for Reese.

“I didn’t suspect that Mr. Reese was given an award, but now that I think about it, he really does deserve it. Despite only having him as a teacher for a few months, he really does show how great he is as a teacher,” senior Mumen Abbas said.