Pink Turtle offers delicious desserts for students


Sydney Burns , Staff Reporter

In the summer of 2015, the dessert shop, Pink Turtle, opened on the corner of 11th Street, just across from Tracy High School. Since it first opened, it has been filled with students, giving a lot of business.

Most of what they sell is based on ice cream products, allowing buyers to go from a single scoop, to cookie sundaes, to specialty made milkshakes.

What also the pink Turtle such popularity is that the ice cream, cookies can be sold separately, and can be bought a multiple packs. The also have a very wide range of flavors for customers to choose from, both in the cookies and the ice cream.

I have been in Pink Turtle several times since the school year began. The cookies and ice cream are made with natural ingredients, so it gives the good taste of being homemade.

My favorites of the ice cream sundaes, are the churro and the take your pick, allowing you to pick one scoop of ice cream and one cookie of your choice, as well as two toppings, not including whipped cream.

The desserts that I have eaten have tasted great, mostly the sundaes. The first one I ever had, cookie dough with a chocolate chip cookie, tasted amazing. The ice cream tasted home made based on how smooth it was and the cookie was still warm. They keep cookies warm for all buyers.

Other specials include ice cream sandwiches, with the choice of ice cream and cookie, and milkshakes that are especially popular during the summer.

The Pink Turtle also has different flavors during different times of the year. They are currently selling a pumpkin flavored ice cream for the Thanksgiving season.

The Pink Turtle is amazing dessert place for all the local high school students and gives good competition for the other food places in the area, plus, dessert.