2015-16 school year sign ups moved early this year

Sydney Burns, Staff Reporter

Class registration is seen as the key event during second semester, as students select classes for the next year, however, the dates for that has been moved up.

Originally, registration for the next school year was in late January or early February; however these dates were changed last year.

Jessica Escobedo, Tracy High head counselor, said that the earlier dates were something that Superintendent Brian Stephens, wanted the dates moved up to look at the number of students selecting classes for each class.

“Tracy High is one of largest schools in town, and often has the most kids coming in for the second semester of the year,” Escobedo said. “It gives us a good look at the numbers we have for each grade and how to place them in which class so we don’t end up with an overflowing class, or one that doesn’t have enough students.”

Despite the move of the dates, many students don’t see any problem with it, being more excited on getting to see what was available for them. Some teachers are much the same.

Bond Cashmere, English and AVID teacher, feels that the advanced dates is even better than the previous dates.

December is when all students have to face their finals, and when they get back from their winter break, it is time that they start to think about what is going to happen next year, especially those becoming seniors”

— Bond Cashmere

Brandon Abad, a sophomore, expected the early dates.

“When I got here as a freshman, I didn’t expect to there be so many kids in the same class as me. Now, as a sophomore, my junior year is the most important year. ” Abad said.