The Weeknd delivers outstanding performance in San Jose concert

Isabel Ortiz-Gelder, Adviser

R&B artist The Weeknd has recently been on the rise to higher fame, and for good reason. The Madness The Fall Tour is what the 24-year old is working on now, after recently releasing his new album, “Beauty Behind the Madness”.

After finally experiencing The Weeknd’s talent firsthand, I can certainly say this artist deserves every ounce of popularity and success he is receiving.

Before I attended the concert at the SAP Center in San Jose, I knew that I should expect great things from the show. I had no idea just how great the experience would be.

Murmurs echoed throughout the large venue in anticipation. The moment the lights dimmed, murmurs turned into roars and my ears pounded with the sound of overwhelmed fans and the musical buildup to the first song to be performed.

Finally, The Weeknd, Abel Tesfaye himself appeared on stage and began singing the words to “Real Life”, a song which the whole crowd seemed utterly familiar with. Standing behind a tall cage wall, The Weeknd sang with a voice like silk, even better than the way it played on the recorded version of the song.

Eventually the cage wall lifted and Abel continued the show with numerous songs from his new album, such as “Losers” and “Acquainted”. The audience was brought back to a time when The Weeknd’s name rang no bells, and could only be tied to more underground mixtapes; he sang classic songs like “The Morning” and “The Party and the After Party”.

I, as well as a majority of the people around me, was filled with nostalgia as well as the dark yet enticing vibes that were an obvious theme throughout the older songs.

Now and then, Abel took a moment to talk to the audience, like most artists at a typical concert, reminding us that this was his first time performing in San Jose, and that he’d be sure to come back during his next American tour.

The musicians backing up the performance were also introduced. Besides Abel, there were also talented men on piano/keyboard, drums, and guitar.

These moments were rare though, as the whole show focused on the music. It was a performance that reflected on The Weeknd’s beliefs as an artist—it was about the music and nothing much else.

Song after song, The Weeknd’s voice never failed and the crowd never died. The performance consisted of heavy bass, crisp falsetto, and expressive, honest lyrics.

As the show came closer to its close, “The Hills”, “Can’t Feel My Face”, and “Earned It” were performed. All of these newer, high-rated hits led to the chaos of music clashing with hundreds of other voices each competing to be heard or just feel the experience more.

Finally, there was an encore, after a seemingly-endless moment of darkness and chants for one more song. The Weeknd’s most well-known song, “Wicked Games” ended the night, leaving everyone with a feeling of unity over something as simple as a great song.

Overall, the concert was completely outstanding. After this experience I’ve gained even more respect and admiration for this upcoming artist, and look forward to more original music, and hopefully even a second chance to see him live.