Classic Disney songs given modern changes


Sydney Burns, Staff Reporter

Disney is one of the most iconic companies in America. Like its movies, the music is iconic, and the “We Love Disney” CD proves just that.

A lot of Disney movies have several tracks of famous songs that we have known since childhood, and now, modern artists sing their own versions of these classic Disney songs. “We Love Disney” features 13 different songs from different movies, including one group song at the end by today’s artists.

The songs on this CD are some of my favorites in Disney movies, despite not knowing who some of the artists until I listened to them. It spans from some of the oldest, like A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes from “Cinderella” and Can You Feel the Love Tonight from “Lion King”, to one of the newest Disney princesses, Let It Go from Frozen.

What’s more is that they aren’t set up as the standard Disney songs from the movies. The songs are changed to match the voice of those artists singing it.

My personal favorites are A Friend Like Me from “Aladdin”, sung by Ne-Yo, Colors of the Wind,  sung by Tori Kelly, and Let It Go performed by The Rascal Flats featuring Lucy Hale.

Other songs include Part of Your World sung by Jessie J, Zero to Hero preformed by Ariana Grande, In a World of My Own performed by Jhene Aiko, I Wan’na Be like You performed by Fall Out Boy, and A Spoonful of Sugar sung by Kacey Musgraves.

A lot of these tracks hold personal memories for a lot of people, as Disney has been since the early 1920s, it was the childhood favorite for many American children, the most special to me being songs from “Aladdin” and “Pocahontas”.

I would give the album five stars and would recommend it to Disney lovers, both young and old.