Divers compete at Lodi High on April 1

Sydney Burns, Staff Reporter

Tracy High’s diving team has been working hard since the season started. With seniors graduating, like Bryce Huckaby and Alex Lopez, new members have stepped up.

Diving coach Dominique Banner is excited to see new divers improve and step up.

”Diving is a much smaller group compared to our swimming team, and diving has been looking for new members. I see a lot of potential for sections,” Banner said.

Senior Luis Segura, in his third year of diving, hopes to be able to live up to those who have left.

Divers need to be able display motivation for other members and be able to pick them up, and perform a dive the best they can.”

— Luis Segura


“Motivation and practice are essential parts of being part of this team,” Banner said. “Our senior and junior members have been great for the younger members, but out of the younger members, a couple stand out.”

Sophomore member Dominiq Badiyo joined the team last year as a freshman, and he feels at home.

“Being in the water is something I love, but I never felt challenged unless I was diving. Mastering dives is one of those challenges that can only be earned one way, practice, lots of practice,” Badiyo said.

Another impressive diver is Asia Beaird, who has joined this year, who has been displaying great abilities as a diver.

“Swimming was never something I was big on as a child. When I went to a meet when I was 12, I was highly interested,” Beaird said. “Since joining, it has been a great experience.”

It’s with this new line up of Badiyo, Beaird, and Segura that Banner feels hopeful for the season.

“All of the boys and girls are prepared to go out and perform to the best of their abilities, as well as show that diving is still a major part of swimming,” Banner said.

The next meet is at Lodi High on April 1, at 3:30 p.m.