My Life, so Far: Sydney Burns


Sydney Burns


The best advice I could give myself as a freshman, is be more open and have better experiences”

— Sydney Burns

Most of my graduating class in middle school went to a Mountain House High, while I came here to Tracy High.

I knew practically no one at Tracy High, and that was what had affected me the most. I’m usually shy of people I don’t know, so it was hard being in a class full of strangers. That’s not how I wanted to start the year. I remember it being a awkward, and I stressed for first few weeks, since I wasn’t sure what the buildings were, where the classrooms were, and getting from class to class was hard enough without the crowded halls. It probably would have helped me if I had been more open to students around me.

I also wished that I joined more clubs back then. I felt like school work was most important throughout my high school life, so I never did much after school stuff, always going straight home. I had friends from class who lived near me, but even then, I never did invite them over. Similarly to being more open, I wish I had done more experiences with friends outside of school life. I usually thought that they never did have time, or they were too busy.

I still made grade point averages better than I was hoping to have, and it made me feel like I was really gaining knowledge. One the few things that I had did in high school was be part of French club for two years. I was also in IB and advanced classes all four years, and part of the journalism class this year. I felt I was able to do what I could.

I plan on going to San Joaquin Delta Community College for fall classes, I want to start slowly to get used to college life. I don’t have any definite plans on what I want to do with life, what career I want, or where I could end up working.

I had always dreamed of becoming a teacher like my mom, but I could never stand to speak in front of a crowd without feeling nervous.

Where I want to go from here will be more along the lines of culinary experiences. I loved to cook when I was younger and still do. Delta has a two-year program that I plan on following, but for now, I want to just take the basic classes and get my mandatory credits out of the way. I hope to get some kind of degree in the culinary arts and can go from there.