My life, so far: Rachael Fernandez


As a freshman at Tracy High, I was very shy and discrete compared to everyone else. It was quite difficult for me to fit in and be social. Looking at my freshman year as a senior now, I realized how much I have grown, and how I wish I did some things differently when I first started high school.

As a freshman, the advice I would give myself is to be social and outgoing, expect the unexpected, and to not take things for granted. High school is full of surprises and not everything is going to go your way. Those things are things I lacked as a freshman, and wish I didn’t because it really makes a positive difference in your high school career and reflects on the future.

Through my high school years, there were many things I wish I did to make high school more memorable. If I could go back, I would have tried out for the volleyball team. I have a great advantage with my height and it would have been nice to play multiple sports in school to keep busy. I wish I also was in leadership or joined more clubs to stay social. Being involved and active in such activities shapes you as an individual and teaches good leadership skills. As a freshman and sophomore, I wish I was more outgoing and less quiet. Being shy did not get me many friends and left me alone in many situations. Having friends benefits your social aspect in school and benefits you when it comes to group projects.

One of my biggest accomplishments in high school that I am most proud of was getting my varsity letter as a freshman. I ran track for the first time my freshman year, and I really made a great impression on the coaches. I was then granted the ability to run varsity, so that I can challenge myself and push harder. I received my Block T and the following year I earned a captain star. Another accomplishment that I am proud of is my grade point average. I did not have the best grades, but I was motivated to earn decent grades in order to go to college.

In the future, I will be attending Chico State University and majoring in kinesiology. I am planning on becoming knowledgeable in the human anatomy and studying how body movement works. My goal is to get a bachelor’s degree of science and graduate college in 2020. After college, I hope to start a career in physical therapy but in pediatrics.

I am motivated and dedicated to making my future successful, and I will continue to accomplish the goals I have set for myself.

— Fernandez