Fall Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Fall is coming. Are you ready?

Fall Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Kyla Alexandre, Editor

The colors change, the air is crisper, the temperature drops, which all indicate fall is on the rise. As fall starts to take over our minds and the world around us, it is also taking over the atmosphere here on campus. Teachers and students are starting to shop for their new fall wardrobe and decorating their homes and classrooms.  

Lauren Andrade, a junior, said “I get a fall candle for my room and I typically start listening to my spooky season playlist. My favorite part of fall is the weather and getting to wear jean jackets and a sweatshirt every day.” Sydney Lanning and Hannah Frazier, both juniors, said that “shopping for socks” is essential to falls kickstart.

Along with students who are getting into the fall spirit, teachers are too. Lisetta Wallace, an English teacher on campus, said “Fall is my favorite season; I love it. I am very excited to wear boots and sweaters and scarves and Halloween. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving. My birthday is in the fall. It’s a great time. My house is already all decked out for Halloween. It’s so spooky in my house.”

Fall seems to occupy a lot of thoughts before it even starts. A lot of us know that Tracy is a little late to the cooldown and color change of fall, but it gets there eventually. That is why the excitement builds up over time.

Another teacher on campus has a very special love for fall.  Karleen Kurys, who is known for decorating her classroom for whatever season said, “Decorating started when I was teaching ELD kids a long time ago. I needed a way to bring them into the American culture just to show them our customs and things like that. They all loved it. I bought a little bit each year, then I started buying a lot each year. The kids get disappointed if they come into my room and there are no decorations up.”

Fall is slowly taking over the whole campus. Are you excited for fall?