Falling Into a New Production: A Tale of Two Cities

Falling Into a New Production: A Tale of Two Cities

Lauren Andrade and Aaliyah Davis

The drama program is preparing for its upcoming fall production of A Tale of Two Cities. Cast and crew are rehearsing every week Tuesday-Thursday to ensure their first performance on Nov. 3, breaks a leg.

The director, Ellen DiFlippo, who also teaches Advanced, Beginning, and Tech Drama, shared some insight on the show and how the production process has been going so far.

Her job as the director and producer is to, “make sure [they] have enough money for the shows, and to budget how much money [they] have for one show.”

“I love the curiosity and development of kids …”.

She also talked  about how she expects every day rehearsals to go.

“Be on time, be on tasks,” DiFlippo said.

Isaac  Barnes who plays Sydney Carton, a drunk lawyer, also commented on the energy in rehearsal.

“I really like the environment in the Tracy High theater program because of the amount of responsibility for the individual actor and tech worker,” Barnes said. 

“I like how casual it is and how everyone can be a friend,” Remy Martin, who plays the lead, added. 

Overall, the development of the show seems to be moving toward a successful opening night.  The cast and crew are working together to create a show that Tracy High students will want to watch.  The play opens on Nov. 3.