Unity Through Dance


Annalyn Ramos

Maia Sanchez, Staff Reporter

Tracy High’s M.E.Ch.A. Club and Polynesian Club include participants from all cultures and races. The M.E.Ch.A. club deals with the Chicano, Latinx culture. There are about twenty members. There are two groups within the club, one of them involves dancers.

Julie Gonzales, Class of 2019, is the treasurer for that club. Gonzales is responsible for the profits of the club, like fundraising and ordering t-shirts. Gonzales also signs off on things that involve the budget of the club. The motivation behind her choice in club was the pride for her background; loving the way the club demonstrates her culture with music and dance.

The M.E.Ch.A. Club meets three times a week: Fridays for the whole club for half an hour, while members who are interested in dancing only, meet on Mondays and Wednesdays for an hour and a half. During the meetings, the dance director introduces the dances to the club members. Any individual could suggest or request certain dance moves.

The Dance Director, Fatima Martinez, hoped to achieve further understanding of the Chicano Heritage and to motivate others in to participating in community service.

Inspired by Polynesian Dance and family members, Annalyn Ramos decided to get involved in the Polynesian Club. She is the reasurer for the Polynesian Dance Club. In Ramos’ second year in the club, Ramos is now working in the community and trying something new that she never thought she would.