THS Welcomes New Staff


New assistant principal Jon Waggle when he was a classroom teacher

Jahdai Spikes, Editor

Many new and exciting educators have been added to Tracy High staff.  The roles they have stepped into include teaching assignments, an assistant principal, and a counseling position.

New assistant principal Jon Waggle was a research microbiologist before coming to teach science  at Tracy High 19 years ago.

After teaching for this long, Waggle said that he felt he would be able to “improve the school on a larger scale after accumulating so much experience in the classroom.”  He now feels like there is more he is capable of doing having direct contact with all parts of the school community.

Ryan Wasurick is a bright new science teacher, originally raised in Hayward and later attenting West High School in Tracy.

Wasurick felt it right to come back and teach here. He got his degree and teaching credentials from Sacramento State University.

Originally he studied just to work in labs, but once he started tutoring and teaching others, he said that “it was game over,” and he knew that was what he wanted to do.

Another new  teacher here at Tracy High is Rebecca Getzinger, who teaches art. She is from Redding and attended Chico State, Shasta College, and Simpson University.

She decided to be a teacher because of her love for art and she wanted to be able to “teach people how to do it too,” said Getzinger.

Adam Piuser is yet another new teacher to THS. He is teaching math, essentially taking the job from which his father retired after last school year. He has lived in Tracy his entire life and got his degree in computer science and his teaching credentials from Stanislaus State. “Teaching runs in the family,” said Piuser. Having most of his family working at a school in some way and him loving to teach as well, he felt it was fitting to follow the tradition.

Marianna Aguirre is a new modern language teacher at Tracy High.  Aguirre grew up in Tracy and is an alumna of Tracy High. After attending San Joaquin Delta College and University of the Pacific, Aguirre decided to come back to the place she loves and teach high school students because “it is very rewarding.”