Do our teachers look forward to homecoming week as much as us?

Lauren Andrade , staff reporter

Some of our teachers shared how they really feel about homecoming week.

Cameron Chitwood, a history teacher, stated that he is “mostly excited, because students are excited…”

He enjoys seeing students have additional involvement in school, “it carries over to them wanting to be [at school},” said Chitwood.

“I try to involve myself as much as I can in the process, to convince my students to,” Chitwood went on to say. 

Overall he gets excited for the homecoming week, given that the energy in his classroom seems to be focused around excitement for the week.

Lisetta Wallace, one of the english teachers, shared her thoughts on homecoming.

Wallace said that she “talks [homecoming] up, I try to encourage people to dress up.”

“People are a little more amped up,” Wallace said, “it is a little harder to do serious things… it also is a factor that it is the same week grades are due.”

Teachers are aware of the things that students have to do in the stress that is homecoming week, and they try to accommodate that. But that also makes it harder for teachers, seeing that grades were due the same night as the night rally.

Michelle Pereira, a math teacher, also gave us her view on what homecoming is like for her. Saying that, “I likes homecoming, I likes the whole spirit of homecoming.”

But just because she enjoys the excitement of homecoming doesn’t mean it doesn’t make her week difficult.

Perria said, “Friday is a mess, seeing that half of my classes are gone…kids are little more distracted, pretty much Wednesday on.”

Chitwood and Wallace agree that the night rally is their favorite part. Chitwood said that he, “enjoys seeing all the students hard work come together.”

Wallace enjoys bringing her bulldog Stella to the night rally.

Ms. Peiraia, on the other, said that the parade was her favorite part because she, “was never able to see a homecoming parade until I was out of high school.”

She loves walking over and seeing the middle school marching band, and of course the Tracy High marching band as well.

The week might be difficult for teachers, but it is not something most of them have not experienced before and are able to prepare for it. Being able to prepare for it makes it easier to be able to enjoy the week and enjoy seeing their students excit