Thanksgiving Traditions


Kyla Alexandre, Editor

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by families nationwide. Each family has their own traditions and treats that they do every year. It is the time of gathering, giving thanks, and being with the people we get to call family.

Some families choose to go the very traditional route with the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Some choose to go a different route with football and the parade. Or they go an entirely different route and use Thanksgiving traditions created by the family.

Sydney Lanning said, “My family always eats clam chowder and we go around, before dinner, and we each go around and have three corn kernels and say three things we are grateful for.”

It is the little things that make traditions special. Some families spend a lot of time together.

Hannah Frazier said, “We spend the day before Thanksgiving making all of the food and on Thanksgiving, we eat all of the food and after, everybody crashes on the couch for a good two hours.”

Other families have a few small traditions that they hold near and dear to their heart.

Lauren Andrade said, “Every year it changes because we all do different things, but we always watch the parade and do random things.”

No matter what family one comes from, they all have their own special traditions every Thanksgiving.

Remember to give thanks and have Happy Thanksgiving!