Tracy High’s Theater Takes on Tale Of Two Cities


The cast poses for a picture.

Lauren Andrade, Staff Reporter

The Tracy High theater programs fall production was the dark, rich story of Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities, directed by Ellen Di Fililppo. The story focuses on a lover’s quarrel;  two men fighting over one women and fighting to survive the guillotine.

A Tale of Two Cities is a story that takes place before and during the French Revolution. It opens with a single spotlight on the narrator, the opening monologue of the play grabs the audience’s attention, and the attention continuous throughout the duration of the show.

The audience meets the main characters in the first three scenes of the play. The narrator went by the name, Renaissance Man, played by the talented Mason Andersen. Andersen played the mysterious, and humorous, Renaissance Man in such a way that the audience was never bored when he was on stage.

Next, you meet the leading lady, Lucie Manette, who has just found her father after years of him being wrongly placed in prison. Lucie Manette was played by the beautiful Angelina Garcia, her father, Doctor Manette, was played by Anthony Molle. Molle is just a sophmore and played his role as maturely as a senior.

The two men who fall head over heels for Lucie Manette are Charles Darnay, and Sydney Carton. Charles Darnay is played by Remy Martin, a Junior in the performing arts magnet, who has been seen in many performances in the past. Sydney Carton is played by the gifted Isaac Barnes.

The Crew did a phenomenal job setting up for stage and making sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. The set was laid out and made is easy for the audience to tell when they were in England or in France.

Also, the audience didn’t get antsy in their seats waiting for scene changes, for they were quick and brief.

Lastly, the costume design was well thought out, it was almost as if the audience was truly in the 1700’s.

Overall, you were able to tell that everyone that was put on that stage was there for a reason, seeing as though there was an overwhelming amount of talent on the stage at any given time.

The casts chemistry seemed genuine and real, which made the show look more real as well. Everything ran extremely well The audience seemed to forget it was a high school performance.

The Tracy High drama department is filled with hard working and talented students. If you missed out on seeing A Tale of Two Cities, the drama department isn’t done performing. You can see Music Man in the spring.