Garrison Cable, Staff Reporter

The fire of Paradise known as Campfire had burned 153,336 acres of land and ravaged part of California. As of Nov. 25, the fire has been completely contained. At this point in time many rescue teams have been in the rubble and destruction searching for anything salvageable but most importantly, survivors.

Campfires destruction managed to spread to surrounding areas beyond Paradise and deminish part of Plumas National Forest in its 17 day spree.

“Pulga Road at Camp Creek Road near Jarbo Gap (Butte County) is now 100% contained” stated on “Cal_Fire” official twitter page. A message of relief to many.

As of  Nov. 25, 85 casualties were reported I n the areas that have been searched and 271 people remain missing according to the Butte County Sherriffs Department.

While search teams are still underway residents are officially being given permission to return to the area and recover what’s remaining of their property. With approximately 14,000 homes destroyed that many family’s may return to.

There has been much action taken to support people affected by the fires with many ways to send donations. Look for local organizations who are accepting donations or websites.

Locally, the smoke that consumed the valley for the days provided created for a noted high of 472 on the air quality index. This number includes a bolded description stating “hazardous” next to it, many other campuses   In the area closed even with a air quality much Better than Tracy.

Over the course of the next week, the quality of the air gradually  increased, making for much safer conditions for students to return after Thanksgiving break.