Holly Jolly Traditions


Lauren Andrade, Staff Reporter

It is beginning to look a lot like winter, and with the colder seasons coming, families are getting ready for how they celebrate during this jolly time of the year.

A group of Tracy High students took their time to tell us about the traditions they get the most excited for during the holiday seasons.

  “If [our family] is not traveling we will do this thing where we hunt around, whatever town we are celebrating Christmas in, and we try to find the coolest house, with the coolest Christmas lights,” said Junior Kyla Alexandre.

Alexandre also added, “my mom and I bring thermoses full of hot cocoa, put a bunch of marshmallows, and stick candy canes inside. It is always just a happy time.”

Hunting for the best lights was just one of the many things some Tracy High Students get excited for.

Other students take on their holiday traditions differently, another Junior, Jahdai Spikes said, “this is not a Christmas tradition, but on Thanksgiving, we have an olive fight because no one eats the olives’.

So not every family has specific Christmas traditions, but going head to head with your family to throw olives at each other is still something that Spikes looks forward to every year.

Spikes did add that during the winter break he and his family, “look forward to sitting in their pajamas and finally relaxing a little.”

How do you and your family get ready for the winter break, do you have any holiday traditions that you look forward every year? Whatever you celebrate during this holiday season, Tracy High’s Scholar and Athlete wishes you a happy season greeting.