Hoopla Spirit Week


Francesca Martinez and Abbygayle Frea

Hoopla week just passed Jan. 21-25  and you know what that means? SPIRIT WEEK! Spirit week is where student dress up and show their school/team spirit according to each day’s theme. The theme for this year’s Hoopla was comic book, Tuesday was green and gold, Wednesday was comic book – dress up as a hero, Thursday was white out – dress up in all white clothes for the black light rally. Tracy High students were asked if they’re excited about Hoopla.

“Uh yeah!” said Vanessa Sorro, a junior at Tracy High.

“Yes I am!” said Nayeli Fabian Arteaga, a junior at Tracy High.

“Yes, I’m very excited,” said Janelle Washington, a senior at Tracy High.

“Yes I am,” said Jenveve Pirnie, a senior at Tracy High.

The students were then asked what day they were gonna dress out?

“I’m mostly gonna dress up on superhero day,” said Sorro.

“I’m gonna dress up on superhero day of course,” said Fabian Arteaga.

“I’m going to dress up for Extreme green and gold,” said Washington.

“I’m going to dress up for superhero day and maybe white out,” said Pirnie.

Since this year’s Hoopla week is only three days the students were asked if they were disappointed about this.

“Uh yeah, there could be more days for spirit week,” said Sorro.

“No, because I get to have a long weekend,” said Fabian Arteaga.

“No, I’m happy because it’s a shorter week,” said Washington.

“No, I’m happy it’s a shorter week,” agreed Pirnie.

The students were asked what superhero are they going to be on superhero day?

“Wonder Woman of course,” said Sorro.

“I will be Superman,” said Fabian Arteaga.

“Wonder Woman,” said Washington.

“I will dress up as Batman,” said Pirnie.

Since this rally was black light they were asked are they going to go all out for the hoopla rally?

“Yes I am!” said Sorro

“No not really I don’t always dress up for spirit week,” said Fabian Arteaga.

“Yes, because I’m performing,” said Washington.

“Yeah, I have a lot of clothes that are white for the rally,” said Pirnie.

It sounds like most of the students were most excited for superhero day during Hoopla week. Can’t wait to see how everyone dresses for the hoopla rally and for superhero day.