A Place Like Home


Maia Sanchez and Dennisen Renderos

The choir group is filled with amazing, talented students. Every year they take trips to Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, to sing their hearts out. It is a blessing to hear these teenagers.

Danny Chacon is a senior at Tracy High who has been a member of the choir for four years. At the beginning of freshman year, Chacon tried to change his class from choir, but it didn’t work out. As the quarters passed by, he grew to like the class and found a new passion.

“Choir changed my life,” says Chacon.

He wants to pursue his career in music and this is the absolute best way to start.

Danny Chacon described his routines at choir. Chacon stated that they rehearse their songs for rallies, including working with people in Orchestra and Band.

“To have a feeling that this place is your home,” says Chacon.

Choir helps one discover themselves and their capabilities in the music industry.

These students are deserving of the Disneyland Trip. The choir students will, of course, work hard on their performances, but on top of that, they will get to enjoy spending time with each other. The students will be staying at a hotel where they can rest and maybe play some games like Danny Chacon’s favorite – “Dungeon and Dames.”

The choir group will definitely do great, and we wish them the best of luck!