“We’ve Got Trouble”


Professor Hill confesses his love for the Librarian

Chase Burns, Reporter

The clock strikes seven, you find your seat and sit back, relax and in 3..2..1… IT’S SHOWTIME! Spotlight one, actors ready, and Tracy High Performing Arts Presents ‘The Music Man.‘ The Music Man was first written in 1962, but over the years became known to the youth as a story that brings hope to those that just can not seem to find melody in music. This school year, 2019, Tracy High School had decided to put on the production of The Music Man along with a special guest, Jason Noll, their very own principal.

The Music Man is about a traveling salesman who comes into a little town in Iowa to try and convince the citizens to purchase band uniforms and instruments for their soon to be amazingly talented children. Professor Harold Hill’s main goal was to scam them and run away with their money but he ends up falling in love with the towns local librarian.

There are always two students given the title stage manager and assistant stage manager for Tracy High School theater. This year for The Music Man musical, Siera Wypych was stage manager working alongside director Mrs. DiFilippo, and the assistant stage manager was Bailey Henderson, who worked backstage and kept all actors ready for their cues.

“I have been working in theater for four years now and I love this musical, so I thought I would be really cool and fun to run the musical,” said Wypych

Being a stage manager comes with a lot of extra hours and dedication put into the performance.

Wypych said, “I thought it would be really fun to become more connected to the performance and put together all the technical aspects and bring to life an amazing show, this is why I interview to become stage manager.”

As the performances here at Tracy High tend to grow in audiences each show and some tend to wonder, what do the freshmen think of the performing arts and how will it evolve more over the years?

“I really liked it, it could become stressful at times but it was not a waste of my time,” said Sydney Rose, a freshmen here at Tracy High.

” I do plan on growing my love for performances and will be auditioning for the next performance come the next school year,” said Rose,

Lastly, as the performances become more popular they also became larger in size, such as bigger and better sets, more props, as well as many things the audience seems to not know that happen backstage. This is where the assistant stage manager comes in. Bailey Henderson had the job to keep all sets ready to go and all cast and crew in position to put and pull off sets to create yet another amazing scene.

“All in all it took just about four long hard month form about late December to mid-March to create the performance of The Music Man,” said Bailey Henderson.

Wanting to become such a large backbone to a performance can be stressful, and as a high school student might become difficult but Bailey Henderson and Sierra Wypych were ready to take on the task alongside each other and tackle their very last performance at Tracy High School together before parting ways for college.

“I have done plays before for Tracy High but this year I decided to try a hand at the technical aspects and interviewed for assistant stage manager, by doing this I have been shown a whole different part of the theater world,” Said Henderson.

The Music Man performance put on by the theater department here at Tracy High was one to remember both for the outcome and the amazing new things the director and stage manager decided to incorporate into it. After four performance The Music Man is now in Tracy High School Performing Arts book and it is time to start preparing for the next theater performance come the 2019-2020 school year.

Mr. Noll finds out Professor Hill is a scam

Professor Hill confesses his love for the Librarian