Your Future Awaits


Madison Archer, Reporter

Tracy High School held its annual college and career fair on Nov. 4 in the Main Gym. Universities, military recruiters, the navy, the Tracy sheriff department, and many more lined their booths up and waited for eager students to view their brochures and take pamphlets home.

Some students are unsure of what they want to do in the future, this event helped clear up any confusion they may have had before.

“It gives more awareness to whatever areas of focus you want to do,” Audra Munoz, the event planner and organizer, states. “It gives you a chance to talk to everyone within the different colleges.”

All grade levels are welcome to attend, but it is mostly aimed towards juniors and seniors. Juniors are beginning to start thinking about what they are doing after high school and seniors are finishing up their college applications.

During an interview with Danica Civiletti, she talks about how the career fair helps her as a junior this school year.

“It opens my eyes to many different types of opportunities and really gives me some insight on some possible jobs I didn’t even know existed,” she states. “It’s not making the decision easier but it’s not making it harder either, it’s just kind of giving me some ideas.”

Most students agreed that the event open their eyes a little more to the opportunities right in front of them.