A Night of Dancing!


Claire Hamer, News Editor

The time has finally come!

Tracy High Schools 2023 prom took place on April 1 at the San Francisco Galleria.

The students in attendance had a lot of space to walk around, eat food, dance, and do all the other inclusions that were hosted at the venue. To note a few; a 360-photo booth, chocolate fountain, caricature artist, and more were some things Tracy High’s leadership brought in.

Emerson Leiske, the ASB president at Tracy High, had a role in the prom planning. “Even though it was a junior fundraiser, I still got to plan the event. I got to help choose the song for the 360-photo booth, taste the potential food, tour the venue, make sure the lighting was good, help with the falling balloons, and choose the last song of the night!”

Leiske knew the last song would be an important pick, to end the night off the way she planned.

“I chose the song “Memories” because everyone knows it. Plus, it’s a great vibe to end the night off with,” Leiske explained. “It was a great ending to the night, and a great moment for all of the seniors to spend their last few minutes there together.”  

Since this is a junior fundraiser, Leiske was able to watch from the sidelines to see all the magic happen. “This year was very laid back for me! I love planning things, but this was a good event to see from the side.”

Leiske was glad about how prom turned out this year but is upset about leaving the school. “I loved prom this year, it was definitely a night to remember!” As much work as Leiske, the ASB President, has put in, Cameron Chitwood made this event happen. 

By the middle of the night, it was time to announce the Prom King and Queen.

Arias Verduzco and Taylor Gardener

Taylor Gardener and Arias Verduzco won this year’s prom royalty. The couple has been together since their freshman year and were looking forward to their last prom as students at the school.

“Being prom queen was super exciting! When they called both of our names out, it was surreal. You could hear everyone cheering for us, which made it even more memorable,” Gardener explained.

“It was amazing to be able to experience the moment together,” Verduzco said. The two were also on Homecoming Court earlier in the year but didn’t end up winning the title of King and Queen.

“Homecoming court was exciting, but I had a feeling we weren’t going to win. We didn’t care too much because we were happy to be a part of it. I was personally rooting for the other girls to win,” Gardener said. This couple had a great time at their senior prom and got to experience winning Prom King and Queen together.  

Sophia Labasan, a Senior at Tracy High, thought that this prom was more fun than the year prior.

“I got to enjoy my senior prom doing activities with my friends before we move away for college. It made me sad when the last song

 went off because I knew the night was coming to an end,” Labasan continued. “I’m glad I got to spend my last year with the best people!”  

Prom was an overall success this year for the Bulldogs. It was a great time and the seniors got to make great memories before they move away to college.