Bulldogs can Draw too!


Madison Archer, Reporter

On May 4, 2023, Tracy High School held its annual art show in the theatre. Art created by the students was placed throughout the hallway corridors.

The show was put on by the school’s art teachers; Joy Cornish-Bowden and Katherine Smutney.

Bowden has been working at Tracy High for eight years. She became an art teacher because she felt like it combined her two passions.

“It was just the perfect blend of a subject that I adore and working with children,” Cornish-Bowden states, “I’ve done voluntary work prior to becoming a teacher, I had just always enjoyed working with children.”

Cornish-Bowden takes the time throughout the school year to put aside art pieces she thinks would be good for the art show. This gives art teachers an opportunity to showcase their student’s artwork that they have made throughout the course of the year. It also gives the students an opportunity to showcase their creativity and self-expression.


Smutney, another art teacher at Tracy High School, agrees that the requirement of an art class can be beneficial for students.

“It allows a lot of self-expressions, creativity, trying new things, pushing themselves, to give their own ideas and learning about themselves,” says Smutney.

Smutney got into art in high school but had a “very sucky” art teacher and she didn’t want other students to be in the same position.

Brian Ross Davis, a junior at Tracy High School, is currently taking Art One under Cornish-Bowden’s teaching. He used this opportunity to showcase a couple of his pieces at the show.

“I put a lot of time into them, I’m glad they’re here,” states Davis.

His main advice to anyone looking to pursue art whether it is in a professional manner or just a hobby is to “just have fun with it.”

Max Olmstead, a sophomore at Tracy High School, speaks on the meaning of art and why he chooses to do it.

“Art is a way to express yourself when you can’t use words,” Olmstead states, “I feel like art is the most human career, it takes a lot of emotion, and you have to put part of your soul into your artwork.”

In other words, the art show was a huge success and allowed many students to showcase their talent for their friends and families.