Latino Graduation Night!


The Latinos Unidos club had their annual Latino Graduation night on Saturday, May 11. At the Latino Graduation night, which took place in Tracy High’s Cafeteria, Tracy High students who are of Hispanic descent are recognized for their achievements during their high school years.

This night is put together by members of Latinos Unidos and the advisor, Nisla Fonseca. Fonseca is in charge of everything and makes sure this night is a success. Fonseca orders the food, gets the DJ, and puts the decorations together. Fonseca has been putting this night together for more than five years.

It’s a night where Latino students are recognized, eat, and celebrate with a dance after. The families are encouraged to come.

At the award night, the students received Hispanic-style graduation sashes, each one unique. The students also received certificates of their recognition. There are also awards for sports, fine arts, and scholarships.

Cecilia Contreras received a trophy for her achievements on the Tracy High’s Girls Softball Team. Angel Rodriguez also received a trophy for his achievement on Tracy High’s Boys Soccer Team.  Fatima Martinez also received a trophy for her participation in Tracy High’s PAM.

Giana Gaitan, who is a senior and one of the Latino graduates, shares her favorite moments,

“My favorite part of the night was getting my sash and watching my friends get theirs because it felt really good recognizing our culture while celebrating our accomplishments”, said Gaitan.

Being a Latino graduate is a big accomplishment for these students. It shows recognition for their hard work.

“Being a Latino grad means a lot because it reflects my parents’ sacrifices that they made for me to get this education and further it in college.” said Gaitan.

This is a night of reflection, to reflect on your past years at high school. To see what you have accomplished. Gaitan was asked if she feels she has accomplished more than she thought,

“I do because I didn’t think I’d be able to balance my community service hours, advanced classes and social life all while still taking care of my physical and mental health when I first started high school”, said Gaitan.