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President’s Day

Feb. 19 will be a day dedicated to honoring our political leaders who helped shape our nation, to reflect on our history and to feel a sense of patriotism.  

The holiday was originally honored for George Washington’s birthday which is Feb. 22. In 1971, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act passed, which changed the celebration of Washington’s birthday to the third Monday in February to create more three-day weekends and promote tourism and commerce. As time passed the holiday was not just a day to honor only George Washington, but also began to honor other presidents.  

When interviewing individuals from the community, Maya Germes and Vanessa Martinez, they expressed what the holiday meant to them and some interesting information. Germes discussed how Presidents’ Day can be celebrated differently because it might not mean a great deal like Christmas and Halloween is, but it can provide a good educational topic for children in schools to learn about their political leaders.   

“President’s day is not a big holiday to me personally, but I think it is cool to learn facts about presidents like how Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler,” Germes explained.  

The national holiday does not go all out, but it is good to teach the historical information about presidents.  

“I see it as a 3-day weekend and to be able to have time to relax,” Martinez explained, as she goes on to explain how the holiday is recognized as much since individuals do not go all out, but it could mean something bigger to people who enjoy the day and take the time to honor it.  

While Presidents Day also recognizes Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. Lincoln’s birthday falls on Feb. 12, just a few days before Washington’s. Due to both Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthday being close, February was the chosen month to celebrate Presidents Day.  

This national holiday is also a tribute to the date the ‘Purple Heart’ badge was reinstated, which was on George Washington’s 200th birthday and has George Washington’s image engraved in it. For context the ‘Purple Heart’ badge is given to service members either injured or killed in the hands of the enemy while serving in the U.S Army.  

Presidents Day has become a time to honor and show appreciation to the achievements of all U.S presidents, from the founding fathers to the leaders of modern times. It serves as a reminder of the importance of leadership and the impact that presidents have had on the nation’s history.   




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Chelsea Delgadillo, Reporter
On October 15, 2008, Chelsea Delgadillo was born in Wisconsin and moved to Tracy a few years later. Delgadillo, who is the second oldest of four siblings, was raised by her mom. She has a dog named Hope and a cat named Sage. As she grew up, she began to dream about being a fashion designer and study at UCLA to become a businesswoman, especially since she was given the support of her family to pursue. Delgadillo considers herself an independent woman who plans to grow her knowledge while working hard to reach her goals. Currently attending Tracy High School as a freshman, she hopes to experience unforgettable and loving memories with friends. 

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