Russia vs. Ukraine


A march in Melbourne, Australia against the Russia vs. Ukraine. [Picture curtesy of Aj Jazeera News]

Alexa Medrano, News Editor

As the world is glued to their television set, a question has emerged amongst people and students. Are we on the brink of war and/or is this the beginning of WWIII?

Russia started an invasion against Ukraine despite America and NATO’s wishes. Over the past few months, Russia and Ukraine have been building up tension leading to a full-on invasion. According to CBS News, it has now been declared a “full-scale” Russian invasion on three fronts as shelling was reported in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine).

With Russia invading Ukraine from air, land, and sea (making it an easy takeover) this causes more casualties and distraction. Russia is invading from Crimea (outside of Mariupol), Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Sumy, and Chernihiv.

“An attack on one is an attack on all,” stated President Biden during a morning press conference last Thursday.

Russia has failed to understand and comprehend the independence of Ukraine. With this conflict growing without knowledge of Russia’s plans, President Biden says that with the help of the government and American allies, sanctions have been put in play. There are a number of sanctions that will be added depends on Russia’s actions.

“This aggression cannot go on without answers,” President Biden responded, while referring to the violence that Putin has brought on the people of Ukraine so far.

On Friday, February 25th, Ukraine began sheltering common citizens. NATO called on Russia to end the “senseless war” or Russia and Belarus would be held accountable for their actions of destruction. Members of NATO deployed more troops to Eastern Europe on Friday, following the brutal attacks on civilians. Also, on Friday, Ukrainian Soldier  Vitaly Volodymyrovych sacrificed his own life in hopes to help delay for his country. This brave soul cut off the access point to Henichesk Bridge where the Russian tanks were advancing.

“We are ready if NATO calls for further support” said John Kirby, the Department of Chief Spokesperson and Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.

Russians continued to invade Ukraine overnight.

On Saturday February 26th, Ukraine military gave their first account of an explosion that rocked Western Kyiv in the early hours. Gunfire was heard early morning near the capital, coming from the southeast. More to come on this.

Russia has already arrived in Kyiv, which is the capital of Ukraine. Russia has also taken control of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Ukraine has lost many civilians and military throughout the early days of the invasion, with more than 300 people injured in less than 24 hours of fighting.  Everyday brings shocking and developing news from Ukraine while spectators from around the world cling to the hope that this conflict will end soon with very little loss of life.